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Silver Sneakers -

  SilverSneakers is a comprehensive program that improves overall well-being, strength and social aspects. Designed for all levels and abilities, this program is generally provided by your health plan at no additional cost. SilverSneakers provides access to fitness equipment, group exercise classes, social networking, online education and a sense of community. With more than 13,000 locations nationwide, you can visit any one of our locations at any time. If you are new to exercise, don’t worry, nearly half of our members had never been to a fitness location before joining SilverSneakers! Remember to wear comfortable shoes and loose-fitting clothing, and bring your member ID card to get started.

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Silver & Fit -
  Improved fitness is a better way of life. After all, regular physical activity is one of the best ways to improve your health. That’s why we started the Silver&Fit Exercise and Healthy Aging Program. Health plans offer the Silver&Fit program to eligible Medicare Advantage/Supplement beneficiaries and group retirees. It can help you improve the quality of your life. As a Silver&Fit member, you’ll get to work out more, meet new friends, and be more social.
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Blue 365 -

  Blue365 is a program sponsored by participating local Blue Companies that helps you stay healthier, for less. This program is offered to members of participating Blue Companies as an additional value for being a Blue member. Since 2007, Blue365 has offered discounts for members to save on products and services for a well-balanced lifestyle. The discounts fall into 6 different categories: Financial Health, Fitness, Healthy Eating, Lifestyle, Personal Care, and Wellness. Some previously featured discounts include hearing aids, weight loss coaching programs, workout apparel, pedometers, and fitness club memberships.
Blue365 – Health and Wellness Deals and Discounts Exclusive to Blue Cross and Blue Shield Members

Fitness Your Way -

  Blue365 has partnered with Healthways to provide a consumer fitness program called Healthways Fitness Your Way. The goal of the program is to offer optimal flexibility to members for their goals, their budget and their time. Some of the things included are:
The Fitness Network. An unlimited fitness membership that provides access to over 9,000 fitness locations nationwide, anytime and anywhere.
The Daily Challenge. Engaging challenges utilizing social networking, gaming and rewards.
Online Support. 24/7 access to online tools, trackers and coaching through the Healthways Fitness Your Way website (
Discounts*. Discounts on services and goods from over 40,000 nationwide health and well-being providers such as massage therapists, personal trainers, nutrition counselors and over 30 vendors such as ProFlowers, Red Envelope, Leisure Fitness, etc., offering discounts from 10% to 30% on average. *May not be available for all plans.