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We realize you have other choices when it comes to fitness, and we'd like to thank you for choosing our business as your place to work out. We believe we have the best club around with the most attentive and knowledgeable staff, a variety of the most current workout equipment, and a clean and comfortable physical plant. Talk's cheap, though, and every owner will tell you that he or she is proud of the gyms they own.

Our mission is to be the best part of our member’s day, every day! Physiques is a standout club that runs past the competition. We would like to thank you for choosing our business as your place to work out. With so many options to choose from (i.e., group exercise, personal training, CrossFit, pre & post workout pick-me-ups, healthy food & smoothies, education, mystic tanning and more…), prepare yourself for a life-changing experience. We are your “One Stop Fitness Shop”, exceeding your expectations by pairing your personal style and personality with our professional expertise and creativity. We meet you where you are and catapult you to your greatest potential.. Click Here to get started now!
Welcome to the Physiques website!  Thank you for stopping by!  We take fitness seriously and your health is our primary target.  We understand the delicate balance between juggling your life, family, work, children, job and yourself.  We also understand how crucial a role your overall fitness plays in each and every facet of your life.  At Physiques we strive to provide the most complete and comprehensive fitness services available.  We want to help you achieve new heights to your fitness level - by providing and promoting good physical fitness but also helping you develop and maintain a higher quality of life as well.  Your physical fitness is only one piece of the puzzle.  While we are experts at building, shaping and maintaining peak physical condition - we also specialize in building a community of members who draw their strength and support from each other.  You will look great with a healthy Mysitc Tan and eat well from our in-house 3 Bo's Deli!  You can dance and work beside new friends with our Group Classes and get the one-on-one attention you require from our professional fitness trainers!  Physiques is about being more than just a gym, about more than just being in good shape - Physiques is about helping you cultivate a better life.  If you are already a member - thank you for your support in helping Physiques become such a premier fitness facility and we look forward to seeing you soon.  If you are not already a member and would like to stop by and experience the good life - we look forward to seeing you soon as well!

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